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The best lakes to visit around Minneapolis


Minneapolis known for all its lakes is a town centred around the water.  It is the largest of the twin cities and was once the flour milling capital of the world. It spans both banks of the Mississippi River, has wetlands, waterfalls and creeks allotting the city an abundance of water.

The best lakes to visit in Minneapolis

Lake Calhoun

City Pages

this is the largest of the Minneapolis lakes as well as the most popular for a lot of outdoor activities.
Families love to take their kids there for an outing, couples stroll around the walking paths.  Or you can cycle, etc.  The lake is surrounded by parkland and has many outdoor activities to offer.

Bush Lake

Wikimedia Commons

Bush lake is suitable for fishing and contains many types of fish.  Species such as Northern Pike, Pumpkinseed Sunfish, Yellow Perch and Bluegill.
It is also a popular spot for recreation such as swimming, canoeing or walks along the popular walking trails.

Lake of the Isles

Lake of the Isles

A very popular new years celebration spot where you can get roasted marshmallows and hot chocolate.  In the winter the lake is used for ice hockey and ice skating.
This lake connects to Cedar Lake and Bde Maka Ska

Lake Nokomis


In the winter there is some ice fishing, and, in the summer, it is great for recreational and outdoor activities.
The main beach offers swimming lessons, there are great running paths as it also connects to some of the “chain-lakes”
It is a beautiful lake enjoyed by many both in the winter and summer months.

Lake Harriet


A picture perfect lake that hosts many different functions and activities throughout the year. With summer concerts, biking paths, fishing pier, Playground, picnic areas, a boat dock and many more fun and entertaining things to do this lake is one not to be missed.

3 Countries where the monarchy still reigns and has ruling power


When you think of royal families the first one that pops into your head is the British Royal family. For the rest of the world, we think of kings and queens as a long-forgotten era.  In today’s society, most of the royal families we are familiar with are do not really rule, although they still have great wealth and status.
There are, however, still some countries where their monarchy still has the run of the country or at least part thereof.

3 Countries where their monarchy still reign supreme

Saudi Arabia

Is an absolute monarchy with King Abdullah who succeeded to the throne in 2015.  Saudi rulers have come from the house of Saud since the 1020’s.  Unlike the strict seniority rules of western monarchy succession in Saudi Arabia committees of princes can elevate a capable prince to King.


Prince Albert the II is the official head of state for Monaco and has a large amount of political clout.
He is the one who is responsible for introducing any new laws and the power over the judicial branch in Monaco.The prince is also the son of the late movie actress Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier III who is known for having introduced the tax laws which make Monaco a tax haven for the wealthier of the country.


The Sultan of Brunei comes with a net worth of about $20 billion as his tiny nation is rich in oil.
This tiny dot of land is mostly surrounded by Malaysia and just off the North coast of Borneo.  Its Sultan, Hassanal Bolkiah is from the House of Bolkiah who has ruled over Brunei since the 15th Century.The country does have an elected legislative body and a constitution, but the Sultan rules the country being essentially both the prime minister and head of state.

The 5 highest paid actors in the world

Acting can be a very lucrative career especially at the top

There are a lot of articles about famous or rich people such as the most eligible bachelors, the worlds richest men and acting fits right in with the “Top of the chart” for something list.
K B Roka follows actors and actresses from all over the globe not just American.

5 Highest paid actors in the world

#1           Mark Wahlberg

Rolling Stone

Mark Wahlberg has come a long way since Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch.
He topped the list as the highest paid actor at the end of 2017 with the movies “Transformers: The Last Night” and” Daddy’s Home 2”.His payday in 2017 was $68 Million

#2           Dwayne Johnson


Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson, semi-retired, wrestler turned actor that seems to pop up in movies everywhere lately.  Not only is he one of the all-time greatest wrestlers but he has made quite the name for himself in the movie world. From action to drama, comedy and even animation voiceovers Dwayne Johnson has proven his acting worth. His payday in 2017 was $65 million

#3           Vin Diesel


Well known for his sci-fi or high-octane action-packed movies Vin Diesel is the big-hearted tough guy who lives on his adrenaline.  His payday in 2017 was $54.5 Million

#4           Adam Sandler

Cincinnati Enquirer

Actor, film producer, screenwriter, musician and comedian Adam Sandler has pulled in a couple of billion-dollar box office hits.
A well-known name in many comedies and romantic comedies worldwide. His payday in 2017 was $50.5 million.

#5           Robert Downey Jr

At the beginning of his career, Robert Downey Jr hit quite a rocky patch.
A great actor with a string of youthful success faded from the movie scene after battling with substance abuse and legal troubles.
He bounced back in his middle age to enjoy the number one spot as the highest paid actor in 2014 and 2015.His superhero movies gaining him great success and as we can see by his latest movie Iron Man is still reporting for superhero duties.
His payday in 2017 was $48 million.


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